Suzhou Superlight Microelectronics Co., Ltd was established in May, 2010, located in High& New District, Suzhou. We specialize in providing sales and services for equips, spare parts, consumables in Semi/Solar/Led/Camera Module related fields, as well as excellent Grinding/ Sawing/ OEM services.

Holding the spirit of creating values for customers, our company gives a full play to superiority of professionalism, resources and international visions. We are committed to optimizing investment cost for customers and providing solution for accessory products.

Our company has obtained trusts and wide acclaim from many customers with technique and service. Now our company has entered the fast track of rapid and sound development. In only a few years we’ve become one of the largest scaled used semi equips suppliers with a powerful sales net and customer resources.

We provide not only products for our customers, but more of services and competitiveness. We will work hard with you, making us the best of the best in global semi industry. In the future, our company will focus on the brand building, aiming to be outstanding service provider of semiconductor equipment and techniques with a fire-new corporate image. We would like to create maximal value for and together with our vast customers in a win-win relationship.

Suzhou Superlight Microelectronics Co., Ltd

Suzhou No.1 plant, Shenzhen Branch

Jiangsu salt core Microelectronics Co., Ltd

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  • Address: No.8 workshop, no.225,
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    high tech Zone, Suzhou
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Address: No.8 workshop, no.225, Huajin Road, Tong'an Town, high tech Zone, Suzhou; tel.: + 86) 0512-6937-0370
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