From semiconductor manufacturing engineering equipment, inspection device, accessory equipment and special tools, we can provide you with all-round and multi angle technical support and services.

Three specialties create the Sirte brand

Professional maintenance service team

Our teams are all from famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as disco, K & S. ASM, ASE, Foxconn, Jiangyin Changdian, Nantong Fujitsu, etc.

SG team: mainly responsible for grinding machine (thinning machine), cutting machine and peripheral water chiller and other auxiliary equipment. More than 8 years working experience: 3. More than 1-5 years: 5.
DB team: mainly responsible for the placement machine and peripheral oven and other ancillary equipment. More than 8 years working experience: 4. More than 1-5 years: 2.
WB team: mainly responsible for the stringing machine (bonding machine), peripheral pushing and pulling machine, and auxiliary equipment of measuring microscope. More than 8 years working experience: 4. More than 1-5 years: 3.

Travel across the country

Realize the promise of "all for customers"

Build a customer-centric concept

1. Improve own technical ability and provide professional equipment maintenance PM
2. Development of low grade equipment flexible transformation scheme
3. Realize one-to-one customer service to meet customer equipment transformation / quality / capacity requirements
4. Regular communication meeting
5. Establish customer equipment files and provide complete core spare parts

Comprehensive diversification of semiconductor equipment services

Equipment maintenance service:
Equipment installation and debugging: provide equipment installation and debugging, and cooperate with customers to debug product production, so as to verify the accuracy and stability of the equipment;
Customer on-site maintenance: arrange personnel to customer company to provide equipment maintenance services, and communicate with customers to guide how to deal with equipment failure;
Customer on-site maintenance: establish equipment record files for customer company, guide and implement equipment maintenance on-site;
Relocation service: can assist the customer company equipment relocation, and can assist the installation and debugging of the equipment after relocation;
Spare parts Service: it can provide spare parts for disco, ASM, ESEC and other equipment, as well as spare parts maintenance services.
Equipment development and transformation services:
Equipment development: customize or develop various equipment according to customer requirements. At present, we have successfully developed various film applicators, cleaning machines and other equipment, and have been recognized by many customers.
Equipment transformation: according to the expected goal of the customer, provide the customer with the equipment transformation plan and implement the transformation, so that the equipment can achieve the best use effect. It has been implemented successfully
Wire bonder copper wire transformation, asm898 equipment squint camera direct vision transformation, etc.

Spare parts maintenance service:
Cutting machine spindle maintenance: can maintain a variety of types of cutting equipment spindle, such as: Disco, TSK, ADT, etc;
Maintenance of spindle frequency converter: various models of spindle frequency converter can be maintained;
Motor driver maintenance: it can maintain a variety of equipment motor drivers, such as disco, ASM, etc;
Circuit board maintenance: can maintain a variety of circuit boards, such as motor drive board, I / O model board, CPU board, etc;
Maintenance of industrial control host: it can repair industrial control host on equipment such as TSK and ASM;
Power box maintenance: it can repair power modules and power boxes on ASM, K & S and other equipment.
Complete machine purchase, replacement and renovation services:
Purchase service: it can provide purchase service of various semiconductor packaging equipment;
Replacement service: when the customer's equipment is pulled back to our company for renovation, the customer can replace or lease our equipment temporarily according to the residual value of the equipment;
Refurbishment service: it can provide equipment refurbishment service, that is, after the customer's equipment is pulled to our company, our company's personnel will return it to the customer after the completion of maintenance, commissioning and refurbishment.

Purchase steps of renewable resources

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