SSMC quality management system 2015 edition internal auditor training completed successfully

Time:2016-07-25   Browse times:246second

Suzhou Sirte Microelectronics Co., Ltd. "quality management system 2015 edition" internal auditor training completed successfully!
Training content:
1. Structure and framework of iso9001:2015 standard;
2. Seven management principles, terms and definitions;
3. The significance of establishing the system;
4. Key points of interpretation and audit of standard requirements;
5. Key points of version change;
6. Internal audit methods and techniques;
7. More than 100 cases and trains, etc.

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Address: No.8 workshop, no.225, Huajin Road, Tong'an Town, high tech Zone, Suzhou; tel.: + 86) 0512-6937-0370
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