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EG2001 probe table 4-6 "

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EG2001 probe table 4-6 "
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Main features of EG2001 automatic probe table:

1. EG2001 is a fully automatic probe table designed by Electroglas company for semiconductor wafer in chip test and production. It has the characteristics of high precision and modularity in design, and can select components according to customers' requirements. Through the configuration of optional components, the functions of automatic loading and unloading, wafer automatic alignment, automatic test, chip temperature control and automatic sorting can be realized.

2. The core of EG2001 automatic probe table is the linear reliability stepper motor with aerostatic bearing. Compared with the ball screw structure used by other similar products, the structure has the advantages of no mechanical wear, perfect control system, high step precision, quick start and stop, low noise, convenient maintenance, etc.

3. EG2001 automatic probe table has good compatibility and can be used with mainstream testing equipment of major brands.

4. The upgraded EG2001 system replaces the floppy disk of EG2001 system with file processing, realizes all functions of mapping and data file saving, checking and sorting, and directly transmits, processes and saves data through the network. The new system integrates all the work of transferring and storing the floppy disk file, checking the file, and transferring and typing by hand. It not only avoids the tedious work of processing the file back and forth in different systems (CPM, DOS, windows), but also solves the problems of low storage efficiency, inconvenient operation and storage of the floppy disk, and greatly improves the efficiency of map file processing.

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