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Resin bond blade

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Equipment name:
Resin bond blade
R Series
Particular year:  
2014 - now
Equipment status:

The precision cutting of QFN, BGA and other composite materials, based on the good control of the variety and concentration of rich resin binders, can accurately and effectively provide a large range of life under the premise of ensuring the cutting quality. Because the resin bond has good elastic properties, it can greatly improve the cutting ability of various products and ensure the cutting quality.
1. The general requirement of QFN for the burr after cutting is < 50um, and the r-01 series blade can be controlled to about 30um.
2. The cutting life can be controlled according to the customer's requirements. For general products, it can reach more than 1500 meters.
3. The size of QFN is getting smaller and smaller, and the quality accuracy of the cutter is required to be higher and higher. R-01 series blades can be controlled within + - 5um in thickness and outer diameter accuracy.

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