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Metal bond blade

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Equipment name:  
Metal bond blade
M Series
Particular year:  
2014 - now
Equipment status:

M-03 series metal bond blades are mainly used for precision cutting of ceramic substrate, which have strong retention of diamond particles and good wear resistance. At the same time, the blade has good rigidity, which can avoid the bad phenomena such as inclined cutting.
1. The main problem of ceramic cutting is the chipping and fracture after cutting. M-03 series blades can effectively avoid the bad phenomenon in cutting by the precise selection of adhesive type and diamond particle size.
2. Ceramic is a material with considerable hardness. During the cutting process, it has a large amount of wear on the blade. Considering the cost, it requires a high life of the blade. M-03 series blades can greatly improve the cutting life of blades on the premise of ensuring the quality through the precise control of blade manufacturing process.

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